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Our traffic light systems are our answer to meet our clients' requirements for ROBUSTNESS, DURABILITY, EASE OF USE thanks to high-yield optical features for great performance and high realibility.

The PERFECT MODULARITY of our elements allows for the assembly of traffic light systems able to deal with any flow of traffic.

Our MODULAR ELEMENTS are water-proof built by means of rubber gaskets on both the front panel and the tinted makrolon lens.

The REFLECTIVE BODY is made of a printed aluminium dish with a brightening treatment. It is assembled on specific stands meant to make any maintenance access to the electrical components extremely easy.

A large visor is placed above the lens to protect from the sun rays and prevent any "ghost effect"

All our systems feature a certification by the relevant Italian Authority and fully comply with the ENPI regulations for grounding.

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All our traffic systems feature printed, deep drawn aluminium lanterns. We also manufacture LED operated systems.

Our mobile traffic light systems have the following specs:
Traffic light system made of two mobile trolleys, with quartz synchronization. Three 300mm Lenses with enhanced red light.
Lighting obtained through 20W - 12V/DC halogen bulbs or LED
Simple-to-use digital waterproof central units to set up the flow cycle.


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