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BLU S.r.l. was established in 2011 as the expression of a desire from its owners to set up a multifaceted and dynamic company.

The extensive experience of the Management in the structurework, building, industrial systems and photovoltaic fields (acquired in the past 15 years) has enabled them to venture into the manufacturing of traffic lights and luminous road signs.

As well as the inherited legacy of companies which sparked such industrial activity in the centre of Italy (such as the Romana Costruzioni Semafori brand), we are very much engaged in an developing effort to ensure that our products meet all the current modern requirements of our clients more and more.

This is how we have managed to develop traffic light systems managed by wireless networks or powered by photovoltaic panels.

Our small factory is capable to manufacture (almost entirely in house) the following range of products: compact and modular traffic light lanterns (featuring either halogen bulbs or LEDs), traffic regulators and traffic light units, flashing lights, luminous columns and signs, mobile traffic lights for road works, monitoring and warning systems.

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